Friday, July 31, 2009

Popcorn's Pleased with Project ... see for yourself

Here "we" arranging shelves

Here "we" are sanding and painting the room


Here are some music room ( if you will) project updates: We(and I use "we" loosely, right Mr. Pop?) pulled up the carpet (yippee!), rented a ginormous sander from Home Depot and sanded the floor thoroughly, primed the cement with some sort of epoxy shindig, rolled two coats of B. Moore Brown Sugar, mixed up a concoction of 3 parts glaze to one part black paint and glazed with my friend's fancy Ralph Lauren glazing brush, (and mind you it was a work out to glaze that thing), sealed with a "fantastic product" to quote my new BF in the Lowe's paint department and WA-LAH we have a lovely new floor. Popdecorator(the same one who chose the colors(for floor and walls *B Moore Woodlawn Blue, btw) whilst pool floating one hot afternoon) friend helped (again, loosely applied) reload the bookshelves today trying (and succeeding) to acheive a "big girl" look as opposed to a ten year old girl's bedroom affect to the bookshelves (or as she called them, library shelves) Well, you see the before, during, and after, what do you think??

The reason for the whole project. (straight from the basketball court)

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Please Pinch Popcorn

Hey, the past couple of weeks have been notable in the life of Popcorn. I am a very happy person. But I experience the same frustrations everyone else does. But lately I have felt nothing but happiness, gratefulness, joy, and contentment. I've done lots of laughing and relaxing with my family. I've been running every single day. I've had lunch with my oldest and best friend this week. My kids are all happy and have gotten to do lots of fun things this summer. My daughter made it back from her travels happy and healthy. Everything is just comin' up roses. I feel so light on my feet. I took my blood pressure today and it was 120/67 with a pulse of 75. Now that is very, very good for someone who had just written a large check for dermatological prescriptions two seconds prior to taking her blood pressure. Why are dermo meds so expensive?? That's another blog.. back to happy Popcorn. I just thank my God for this upswing and now I am going to take my dogs on a walk and stare at the moon and bask in it all. And no, we didn't win the lottery, but it sure feels like we did!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Popdaughter's Pictures ....sad day

Popdaughter and her baby : (

Popcorn where are the pictures of Europe? It has been so hard for me to swallow, I couldn't even write about it until now.... The reason there aren't any is because her prized possession "her baby" as she liked to call it, was stolen on a night train from Rome to Munich. They had to backtrack to catch their flight home...I tried to get a flight out of Rome once Elise's(poptravelfriend) iphone was stolen (she had already had her camera stolen as well, now her iphone!!, I wanted them OUT of Italy!!) but there was only one economy class seat left, and the other seat was business class with a price tag of 8,000.00. Uh, never mind sweet Lufthansa lady on the other end of the line. I could have had two first class seats, each with a price tag of 20, 0000.00, but alas, not happening either.(those were the actual prices of the tickets, no joke) So on the very last leg of their journey, her camera was taken while she slept. Memory card and all. My heart sinks every time I think of it. So, when I do post some pictures, they will be her friend Kate's shots. There was no identification info on her camera, so there's no possible way for me to even pray it home... no hope that maybe the person who took it will at least mail us her memory card with pictures from Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Germany, and France....the trip of her dreams (and everyone else's)...They are lost forever thanks to a thief. Can you believe it??? Well, she'll go again and take some more pictures. We are all thankful she's home safely and those memories will just have to live on in her stories and in her heart. And to the person responsible for stealing my daughter's camera, if by some odd quirk of happenstance you are reading this, did you know you broke a commandment? THOU SHALT NOT STEAL Not to mention a precious young girl's heart. I'd hate to be you.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Popcorns' Playcation: Final Installment

Scary shark eats Popcorns

Monday, July 20, 2009

The Popcorns at Port A

Popdad does his dad job...he gets us where we're going....

Popdad and Popson cook their yummy Worcestershire burgers and dogs after the beach....nothing better! Tonight? Scattergories and chocolate chip cookies.

Friday, July 17, 2009

She's Home!

Popdaughter got home yesterday after being in India and Europe for two months. She had a fabulous time. We are thrilled to have her back home with us. We immediately headed out to eat her fav, Mexican food and sat there listening to her travel stories. Her beloved camera was stolen on a night train headed back to Frankfurt to catch her plane home. Sad sad SAD thing. She did have two memory sticks hidden away in her wallet, which happily was NOT stolen. Odd thing that they took the camera but left her money, isn't it?? Oh well, we're just happy she's home, safe, healthy, and happy. Her memories will live on forever in her mind. And she told us, oh well, it's not the last time I'll be in France and Italy.... I'll get some more then....

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Popgirls Hit The Road

Oldest popdaughter and I took a little roadtrip this weekend. We went to San Antonio for the Joyce Meyer conference. The conference was wonderful and our trip there and back was total fun. San Antonio is even hotter than our neck of the woods....but we tried to stay cool in the pool.... stay tuned for project update pictures soon. It's looking so pretty!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Popcorn's Project

I always have projects going on around here. This summer's project is to transform the "music" room (the room with the piano in it) into a room that I actually like. I've taken some pictures of the first steps: We removed the carpet. Rented a floor sander to sand the dripped paint, spackle, and whatever else the construction guys left on the floor 23 years ago when the house was built because they knew carpet was going down. We wrapped the piano thoroughly, draped and taped plastic over the doorways, opened the window and set up a fan to blow out the residual dust...and he sanded for four hours. I'm happy to say it worked! The floor is now a paintable surface. Pophub now has to fill in the holes where the tack board that was holding down the carpet. Soon as that's done, we'll paint the walls a new color. For the previous 9 years the room was the red color you see in the Christmas pic above *also note carpet that's now gone

The new color will be Ben Moore's Woodlawn blue, isn't it nice? The room will look so much larger and brighter than that dark red. I'm so ready for the change!The floor will be painted this color Ben Moore's Brown Sugar then topped with a darker glaze to give some blackish tints. Here's Brown Sugar: (it's really darker than this swatch)

I am trying to decide whether I should paint the bookshelves brown sugar, a lighter color on the same color strip called "stone", or just leave them white. What do you think?? Please cast your expert vote on poll taker at top of page right. Thanks!