Monday, March 16, 2009


If she said it once, she said it a hundred times, "Nothing stays the same." My sweet mom is right, nothing does. To that I say, thank goodness! Number one, I like change. It's part of my m.o. I can't really stand to do too much the same way for too long. It is also comforting to realize that if something is going on in my life that I don't like, if I hold on to God long enough, the stormy season will soon blow into clear blue skies. A fresh start will be at our fingertips and our souls will beat steady as the tick of the clock serves as the melody to another season of our lives. One foot in front of the other, the next night's sleep, the poetry of shared kindnesses gifted one, then two, then over again.
photography by E.C.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Psycho People Pleasin' Popcorn: Pathetic!

Since far away college Popdaughter is coming home tonight, I find my mind wandering to memories tied to her. I am painfully red faced at one in particular. How stupid am I?? What kind of psycho people pleaser does this? Did I suffer from some sort of I'm a hero syndrome??? Can I get a diagnosis PLEASE?! I spent one night in the hospital then came home after giving birth to this child. THREE days later do you know what I did??? I got up at 5:00 and took my turn going to the Farmer's Market with my vegetable club. What? Did she say vegetable club?? That's right. I hauled my still very fat self wearing my stylish black t-shirt knit zip up the front jump suit with the hot pink stretchy belt I purchased at a home party (no doubt given by a fellow vegetable club member) and espadrilles. Or was it my white Mexican dress with flowers embroidered around the neck? If memory serves (hopefully it doesn't) my hair was atop my head in a scrunchy. Can you get a visual? I'm sure I had on bright lipstick and huge silver earrings shaped like bunnies finishing the ensemble with a necklace of graduating silver balls. CP I hear you laughing out there!!! I think you had the same jumpsuit in a springtime floral didn't you? Now picture this with me.. there I was, traipsing around with belly a floppin', exhausted from nursing, fiendishly piling corn and tomatoes and green beans in my wagon like it mattered. What did that psychologically pathetic sight scream about poor Popcorn as a young mother lo those many years ago?? I don't want to think about it ..but I cannot quit guffawing! By the time I got home I felt like body parts were falling out. Good heavens they probably were. But Pophero didn't care, she got her radishes!!! The tables of all the esteemed vegetable club would, thank Hector, have their salads. There you have it, the most ridiculous thing I've ever done. Apparently I was a stupid vegetable. What an absolute idiot. I'm embarrassed of myself. Believe you me, I've learned to say no since then. I've graduated from a people pleasin' veggie to a wise ol' kernel of grumpy Popcorn. Go get your own vegetables!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Spring Break Cometh!

Last time she was home....she'll be here tomorrow night. This time there will be bunnies in the background.

Monday, March 9, 2009

What are You Thankful For?

If you were to ask me this tonight I would answer:

1. The big full moon in tonight's sky.

2. The brown bag lunches in fridge for tomorrow made by Pophubby for son and me even though he's leaving town in the morning at 5:30. So thoughtful.

3. That grass is growing in the patch of yard by the street because last summer it all died and was hideous.

4. The fact that my nighttime teaching gig is over tomorrow night. (Even though I loved my class so very much!)

5. The sneaking suspicion that our interim choir director is going to become permanent.

6. For my car's seat warmer.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

PO'd Popcorn

Today I experienced anger only experienced when one's child is shafted, ditched, humiliated, or done wrong by an adult. Don't do my child wrong world. If you do, I'm pretty much over you. Done. I'm done with the choir director at Popson's high school. She pretended not to have "room" for him on a trip they were taking. Now I tried to pay the woman in full Jan. 10., more than plenty of time to add a person to the roster. The trip wasn't until today, March 5. She claimed to have a spot left Jan. 10, but then Jan. 11 she started hedging about said spot. I continued to press. Tried to hand her a check daily for a week. She kept mumbling about "checking with the travel company"...Many a girl backed out of the trip and I would say, hey, can't we rearrange the girls' rooms and make room for one more boy?? Now this isn't rocket science. It's 2009 for Pete's sake. Make a call, flip a switch, add a child to the tally! Why was this so insurmountable for Mrs. !@#$$??? She just continued to purse her lips and shake her head no. I asked her almost daily from January 10 til today, when my son had to witness all of his besties rolling their luggage into the school for their 3:00 departure. Me? I bawled through first and second period. Why couldn't this lady figure out a way? I could never in a million years do that to someone especially a colleagues child!!! And truly with the Lord as my witness, Popson is a totally pleasant person. He's not a trouble maker AT all. There is no good reason on this Earth that she would not want to take him along. I don't know, but I'm done with her. I am stumped at the whole situation and am still steaming. Popson has handled himself with grace, as always. I cannot believe that plane left without him.