Thursday, July 8, 2010

Popcorn's Playtime..thanks rain

I have to confess that this week I was given the gift of do whatever I want when I want, even if it's nothing. And I have loved every last drop of every minute. During my busy comings and goings all the time, I have all these things at home that I would rather be doing. Things that bug me if they are left undone, which they always are, so I always feel a nagging sense of being annoyed and anxious to get back home to get on my projects. What kind of projects you ask? Organizing the garage is one biggy. I have wanted to get out there and tear into that thing for months. All spring when the temps were perfect for such a chore I always had something else to do, some sort of commitment. I'm not kidding! From the pretty days of fall all the way through spring, no time to take a couple of mornings to organize the garage. Same thing with my closet. I love an organized closet so much. But it seems like I live my life getting ready to go, choir, school, lunch, dinner, meeting. I know you know what I mean. So consequently the closet becomes increasingly....uh....well, disorganized. Sometimes to the point I can't even walk in it! So this week I've been able to tackle those two chores but for me it was blissful playtime. The garage needs one more morning, which will be tomorrow since it is conveniently trash day. My closet is now ready for the clothes hanging in it to be color sorted. I'm actually grateful for all this rain because without it I'd be getting ready to go somewhere.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Long TIme No Blog

Wow. March! Has it been that long since I was inspired to write something on my blog?? Truth is when I started my beloved Popcorn's Page I was not really employed..well, part time at my cute little Magpies store (not mine really but mine to me). Once I started teaching full time again that became my creative outlet and this one took a back seat. Sad isn't it? It's just that I am prone to pouring my whole self into things and when you pour your whole self into teaching teenagers...the self is all spent once home again at 3:00 p.m. There's not any energy left to think much less creatively. I'm not complaining. NO! I'm embracing this season in my life. I feel blessed to have the opportunity to teach two miles from my driveway much less the subject that I love. So tonight I am here to encourage you to embrace the new season in your life. We all experience them one way or another. Your season might not be one you've chosen for yourself...maybe another person "shoved" you into the season. Or maybe your new season was brought on by a sadness or happens to all of us. Or maybe you did choose it, like I did, but the adjustment has been rocky. My advice? Look at it, accept it, know it isn't going to go away. Our lives have a certain fluidity that we cannot fight, if we try we're just miserable. I heard a sermon in Colorado Springs last week and the minister said that we can't stay here, we can't go back, and we must move forward. How simple! Psychiatrists charge big bucks for such wisdom. So quit looking back and get going with your new plan. I am! Where do you think I've been all these months?