Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Blog Photog

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Happy Constitution Day! Yesterday, Sept. 17

Our beloved Constitution, ratified in 1787, was 222 years old yesterday. Dig out a copy, pull it up on google, or something... and read it. It is a God inspired creation. I'm so thankful for the wisdom of our founding fathers for hanging in there and coming up with a document that has fully served us through the years. The lovely Constitution shown here is 68 x 50 and weighs in at 75 lbs. and hangs in our music room. It is so pretty and is a constant reminder to our family of how lucky we are to live in America. Yes, I'm fully aware that only nerd's decorate with the Constitution. God bless America!

Dear Other Side

Dear computer, is there anyone on the other side of this screen reading this? It's so cold and lonely on my side not knowing.

Monday, September 14, 2009

I Can't Help It

I can't help it. If go into Target for a box of paper clips...I have to push one of these: Is this some sort of control issue problem or what?

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Somewhere In Time

The pace of our lives can absolutely create a hazy cloud of vagueness in our marriage. We remain smugly aware that we've strung together 29 years of living as husband and wife. As Mr. and Mrs. As Katie, Elizabeth, and Charlie's parents. As the couple at church that sings in the choir and sometimes together. The rings on our fingers are the originals that we slid on at First Baptist Church of Bellaire. We have a distinct identity but I'm here to tell you that sometimes that very identity can become all that we have in common. Yes, it's true! We run out of time or money to reinvest in our relationship so we flip on the relationship auto pilot switch and all the wheels and cogs keep churning along. The machine is sqeaky, but still up and running. We're eating, sleeping, earning, taking care of kids and cars, dogs, cats, teaching Sunday School, singing in the choir, painting cement get the picture. But meanwhile the wires fray and soon the connection just isn't there. We looked at each other last week and said stop the madness! We booked a little room at a bed and breakfast only an hour away. We told the 22 and 16 year old to take good care of each other that we were leaving for the night and would be back the next afternoon. We can only jump ship for so long...but we had to reclaim some time for ourselves. The name of the B and B was Somewhere In Time. Cornball. We even said oh this sounds too sugary, let's not go there...but it's where were ended up going. It was lovely. We ate at a mexican food place and sat outside and had to scream(in a good way) over the diesel trucks whizzing by as we dipped our chips in the salsa. We hit Sonic for a couple of Butterfinger blasts. Then we went back to the sweet little room and just hung out. No interruptions. Just the rain on the windows and conversation. We remembered that somewhere in time, year in and year out, our hearts and lives were fused together strongly enough to find our way out of the haze and rewire our electricity. Oh, and we booked the place again in November.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Patient Popson

Popson has patiently waited for a car...and last week the day finally came. He is a responsible driver and a deserving son... Doesn't that color look nice on him?