Friday, October 7, 2011

What? October 7th? No!!

Many months have passed since the January Marathon post, why is that you ask? One small four letter word, life. Last school year I had a senior in high school, so the year was a blur. Now that hubby and I are the only ones in the house, I want to commit some time to Popcorn's Page, I miss it!

Not only do we have a college freshman adjusting to dorm life this fall, one of our daughters spent the month of September in Europe. He's doing fine and I'm happy to say that the traveler is back on American soil where she belongs...for now.

If you haven't visited the website, you need to. It is a great concept and fun to browse around on. See you next post.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Marathon Memories

Running the marathon Sunday was awesome. The course took us to all of the prettiest and charming parts of H town. Amazing people came out to line the streets just to cheer us as we ran by. The weather was nice. All things considered, it was a fun experience and one I'll never forget. Thank you Mr. Popcorn and Popson for following me around just to wave and snap pictures of me and hold up encouraging signs. You two are awesome and your faces kept me truckin' through no man's land, the miles far enough out from the finish that your mind starts a stream of negative thoughts. Thoughts like, "Why did you think you could do this?", or "Why would any idiot run this far?". The closer I got to the finish line the negative thoughts turned more positive..."Mel you are actually going to run 26.2 miles!" ... "OMG you are almost there!" "Look at all these people that are so happy you are almost finished!"..."You aren't going to die after all so keep going and don't embarrass yourself! " "I see the 26 mile flag oh man!" I loved it and now have a memory to cheer myself with when I feel defeated, because for a day in 2011, I was a champion.

Monday, January 24, 2011

The Real Popcorn: Marathon Mel

This weekend I will run 26.2 miles in the Houston Chevron Marathon. Sunday at 7:10 to be exact. I've trained with my running friends since May with this goal in mind. Well, not this goal but a goal. At first it was to run the half, but Dec. 19 I decided to go for the whole thing. Staci, my pace running partner finished it in 2002 and kept encouraging me to give the full a go, as did our coach/running guru friend, Donna. So I did, I bumped up. I will probably never be this trained up again in my life so I'm going for it. The very act of training for a marathon is inspirational and I've grown more than just muscle through the months of early morning run chats with Staci. See you soon with sore but proud legs.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Ready for this??? Popcorns Celebrate 30 Years of Wedded Bliss

Yes, that's right. You heard me correctly! Thirty years of togetherness. Here's the stats: Married, half past seven in the evening, August 23, 1980. First Baptist Bellaire, Tx. Six houses, 19 cars, three babies/toddlers/preschoolers/elementary children/middle schoolers/TEENAGERS/young adults/softball players/soccer players/football players/baseball players/basketball players...Three dogs, four cats, aquariums full of goldfish, 1 gerbil (gross) Two Brownies and a Cub Scout. One church, 23 years of Wednesday night choir practice, GA's, RA's, and youth activities on the third floor. Anniversary trips to Salado, San Antonio, and Austin. 23+21+17 birthday parties. One sweet 16 party with 150 on the guest list, and one Sound of Music surprise party with 70 eating all German food and dressed in character...lots of nuns and even a couple of smiling edelweiss. Years and years and YEARS of fun, family, and friends. A CD and music video, New Year's trips to Epcot/Disney(with our besties and their kids who are our kids' besties!) and Times Square. Best of all, the sweetest day in /day out, we're a team, I've got your back, life long tete te tete with the man of my dreams. Happy Anniversary honey!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Anxiety Within

Today I'm nagged by the ever so slight gnaw gnaw gnaw of anxiety. I run, it's there. I eat, it's there. I wake, it greets me. I chat and laugh, it lurks. Oy.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Popcorn's Playtime..thanks rain

I have to confess that this week I was given the gift of do whatever I want when I want, even if it's nothing. And I have loved every last drop of every minute. During my busy comings and goings all the time, I have all these things at home that I would rather be doing. Things that bug me if they are left undone, which they always are, so I always feel a nagging sense of being annoyed and anxious to get back home to get on my projects. What kind of projects you ask? Organizing the garage is one biggy. I have wanted to get out there and tear into that thing for months. All spring when the temps were perfect for such a chore I always had something else to do, some sort of commitment. I'm not kidding! From the pretty days of fall all the way through spring, no time to take a couple of mornings to organize the garage. Same thing with my closet. I love an organized closet so much. But it seems like I live my life getting ready to go, choir, school, lunch, dinner, meeting. I know you know what I mean. So consequently the closet becomes increasingly....uh....well, disorganized. Sometimes to the point I can't even walk in it! So this week I've been able to tackle those two chores but for me it was blissful playtime. The garage needs one more morning, which will be tomorrow since it is conveniently trash day. My closet is now ready for the clothes hanging in it to be color sorted. I'm actually grateful for all this rain because without it I'd be getting ready to go somewhere.