Monday, January 24, 2011

The Real Popcorn: Marathon Mel

This weekend I will run 26.2 miles in the Houston Chevron Marathon. Sunday at 7:10 to be exact. I've trained with my running friends since May with this goal in mind. Well, not this goal but a goal. At first it was to run the half, but Dec. 19 I decided to go for the whole thing. Staci, my pace running partner finished it in 2002 and kept encouraging me to give the full a go, as did our coach/running guru friend, Donna. So I did, I bumped up. I will probably never be this trained up again in my life so I'm going for it. The very act of training for a marathon is inspirational and I've grown more than just muscle through the months of early morning run chats with Staci. See you soon with sore but proud legs.


John Portier said...

Good Luck, what's your bib number?

Popcorn said...

John I'm sorry I am just now seeing this comment. It was 10287. Your time rocked! Congrats!