Thursday, November 12, 2009

Professor Popcorn

For everything there is a season. This season, I'm teaching school. High school U.S. History and World History. I teach at a school that I taught at before we had kids 23 years ago! Now two of our three have graduated from the school and the last one will be a senior next year. It's a fun way to spend the hours between 7 and 3. Teaching is a great gig. Here are some glimpes of a typical day in my little T shack...

Here's the greeter
Here's cute little T-7 ; not too pretty on the outside...but so cozy on the inside

Now where is that map of India?
Here's my podium; got the base out of the trash behind the school and cut and crackle painted the top. I love it!
And see those cute yellow desks? I think this is the only room that has them. They are so sunny and cheerful. How lucky am I??

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Yes, I was really surprised

The Captain Von Trapp

The Sound of Music theme is sinking in

The evening was complete when the Von Trapp children sang "So Long Farewell" on the stairs and the guests below bid them "ggggoooood nnnnnniiiiiiight" from below. It made turning 50 so worth it!