Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Popcorn's Pedalin'

I've sort of been eating slightly differently for the past few weeks. And I feel, as Andy Griffith would say, "goooooo-oooed". Great even. I'm not eating additives of any kind, sugar, bread, pasta, no chemicals...which means not even chewing gum, no dairy, and no meat. That leaves fruits, veggies, and nuts. I'm drinking a little juice here and there but mostly I'm enjoying water with lots of ice and a slice of something fresh and pretty floating in it. An orange, a lemon, a lime...or all three at once. The only odd thing I've noticed about this big change is that running is harder, much harder. I ask my popself, "Is it just the heat or is it really my new food choices?" Temps here in our neck of the woods have been hovering right under 100 in the hottest part of the day, so it gets pretty hot pretty early. Running is my therapy, my time to think, time to learn my choir music, time to pray, time feel young and alive and strong and healthy. I like to sweat, I feel like it cleanses me from the inside out. Out go the toxins, the stresses, and the pent up worries. In comes fresh air and a fresher outlook. Most of all I like to run just because I can. But this new way of eating has "encouraged" me to seek another way to put my miles in. My big red "wicked witch of the West" Schwinn roadster bike! I love my bike. It even has a Toto basket! I can make a huge Tervis tumbler with water, a lid and straw, throw in my purse and a tiny towel, my beloved pink nano ipod, don my visor (sorry, I love my visor...let's my head have air while keeping sweat at bay) and off I fly. I can pedal like a fiend up the hills, well, ok humps, and down. I stay on the sidewalks under the canopy of the big gorgeous green trees and I sightsee. I look at houses, landscaping, which sprinkler heads I like, front doors, iron trim on the hugenormous houses, mentally choose which stucco color I like best, take note of the brick and mortar combinations, and of course almost wreck when a horrible squirrel crosses my path. I can even chat on my tiny cell phone, excusing myself from my chattee when I have to use two hands to jump a curb. It is extreme fun. I may never run again.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Popcorn Preaches: Biblical Principles We'd Rather Ignore

There are many truths, instructions, commandments that we'd all just as soon ignore. I guess we read it in the scripture but just dismiss it as something they did way back then. We assume that's not meant for the sophisticated Christian in modern times. May I just say hogwash? I said it two posts ago and I'll say it again. Get up and go immediately to Barnes and Noble and buy this book! Go on!

Popcorn's Pests

This guy stole this from our porch last night

Yes, the whole bag
Why was the whole bag on the porch you ask? Because it had THIS in it so I threw it and left it there. Ew!

sorry, that's all I've got tonight

Popcorn's Daily AccomPlishments

Normally I can get more done in an hour than some manage to do all day. I say that with all the humility in my heart, but dang if it's not true. But not this week. Nope. This week is officially the "schools out it's pajama week" around here. Today's accomplishments consisted of:

1.Writing a long letter and preparing it for mailing...whew!

2.Unpacking suitcases from weekend trip for self and Pophubby

3.Storing suitcases (throwing them back on bed in extra room)


5.Fed Charlotte (cat with eating disorder, always hungry)

6.Cooked stuff early for dinner

7.Dressed at 2 p.m.

8.Ate dinner with Popman

9.Watched Jentezen Franklin on TV (new fav. minister to listen to, well, right under Alistaire B.)I strongly rec. his book Fasting. Seriously, go read it

10.Sat on couch and read online with Popson until all hours.

11. MAJOR Acc. -figured out how to put slideshow "gadget" on this blog. See it over there to the right? So fancy. First animated popcorn, now this. So proud of my popself.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Popcorn's Plans...none really

What are you doing this summer? We're pretty much plan free. We are vicariously enjoying trips through various traveling offspring and that's ok with us. We're happy to hold down the fort. Does that mean we're getting old? We like just hanging here and watering the yard, walking the dogs, and checking the mail. Oh, and pulling up the weather radar on the computer. Yep, we're old.

Friday, June 12, 2009

The Last Few Days In India

They are preparing to leave India. She is dreading the goodbye to the little girls they've been working with. It will be very sad. I'll have to be wary when we unpack her suitcase when she gets home.....a little brown eyed ...uh...surprise wouldn't surprise me. Last night they "played hide and seek for hours and then went on the roof and twirled their skirts under the stars." Who'd want to say goodbye to that?

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Monday, June 8, 2009

Popcorn's Pooped

I admit it. I'm laying here in my jammies under the quietly spinning ceiling fan, Monday's sun streaming in the window as birds chirp. Hubby considerately closed the door so no street noises could wake me on this first morning of no school. Last night we put popson on a bus with 82 other youth going to a wonderful conference to worship and praise God for a week. So I'm alone in the quiet house. And baby I'm not compaining. Sometimes a girl needs some quiet alone time, right? I think the past semester was truly one of the busiest times of my life, ever. Teaching, planning track meets, planning and decorating for the track banquet, learning the gradebook program, grading papers, going to faculty meetings, singing at Easter and all the practices involved, singing in our newly formed Chorale...and all those rehearsals, working out details for popdaughter's trip across the world to India, teaching in ACT, my goodness. Just thought I'd let you know why the posting has been scant. I hope your semester was good and less hectic than mine. I'm going to turn over and go back to sleep now. I'm worn out just thinking back over it.

Go And Tell

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Ministering Through Fun in India

Popdaughter begins her third week in India and she's enjoying every minute of it. These girls have flown across the world to hang out with orphans, leprosy victims, and aids patients. They are truly giving pure love. I am humbled by their willingness to serve.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Blog Photog Hails from India

Popdaughter(far right blue dress) and fellow missionaries on church steps

My daughter is having a great time in India. Please include her in your prayers.