Thursday, February 3, 2011

Marathon Memories

Running the marathon Sunday was awesome. The course took us to all of the prettiest and charming parts of H town. Amazing people came out to line the streets just to cheer us as we ran by. The weather was nice. All things considered, it was a fun experience and one I'll never forget. Thank you Mr. Popcorn and Popson for following me around just to wave and snap pictures of me and hold up encouraging signs. You two are awesome and your faces kept me truckin' through no man's land, the miles far enough out from the finish that your mind starts a stream of negative thoughts. Thoughts like, "Why did you think you could do this?", or "Why would any idiot run this far?". The closer I got to the finish line the negative thoughts turned more positive..."Mel you are actually going to run 26.2 miles!" ... "OMG you are almost there!" "Look at all these people that are so happy you are almost finished!"..."You aren't going to die after all so keep going and don't embarrass yourself! " "I see the 26 mile flag oh man!" I loved it and now have a memory to cheer myself with when I feel defeated, because for a day in 2011, I was a champion.